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the Loyal Order of Volkswagen Enthusiasts
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Meeting Minutes

Minutes prepared by Lore.

Regular Monthly Club Meeting was held.

Tanya, President, opened the meeting.

Lore, Secretary, reported on the old business (see last month's minutes), also on the January activity where we met at the Shell Factory on January 12 and attended a car show.

Richard presented the financial statement:
Balance as of January 4, 2002                            $2,327.82
6 Members signed up/renewed                        $   120.00
Auction proceeds (Beetle model, German license plate)            $     25.00
50/50                                        $     33.00
Expenditures (checks # 1038 - 1041)                        -$  254.64                            Total                $2,251.18
Richard filed report with Department of Revenue for our taxes. New membership cards and show flyers were paid for. Uniform Business Report was filed with the Department of State.

Tanya reported on the February activity, which will be a Volkswagen Pot-Luck Lunch/Dinner to be held at Lakes Park, 7330 Gladiolus Drive, Fort Myers 33907. Everyone is requested to bring a dish. The club will provide hamburgers and buns and maybe hotdogs. Time is 12 Noon. A shelter is to be reserved with the Park Authority.
Sign-up sheet was passed around. Tanya requested that people write down the dish they will bring and she will e-mail all with the information.

Tanya reported on other upcoming events, they are in the Newsletter for February. February 17 is the Volksblast in Miami, flyers were available. For whoever wants to go, we will meet at Route 80 Restaurant at 5:30 AM on 2/17 and leave 6:00 AM. We could carpool. There is a watercooled show, Saturday, in Sarasota. The extra board meeting scheduled for this Sunday, February 3 was postponed due to Superbowl Sunday. Tanya will advise when meeting will be held to discuss upcoming car show (we need to count trophies etc.) and items received from Natalie.  Winter Treffen February 17 in Sarasota. March 17 is the Orlando show. All information is in the Newsletter. Also the classified section.

Don did the Tech Corner for air-cooled dual port engine: "I learned something this week" - his type II (1970 bus) was running like crap (sic), missing, using a lot of gas. There was like a vacuum effect in the intake manifold gaskets. Both had cuts in them, the air got sucked in, not a good thing! He changed the parts, took off part of the motor, took off carburetor, loosened generator and shroud, took off the top. Mike and Dan joined in with the discussion. The gasket comes in black, red, and silicone. Any dual port engine has these gaskets on either side of the carburetor. Don explained on how he replaced the gasket, it took him an hour to get it all back together. Don does not recommend using the "strap on" gasket. Thank you Don.

Tanya reminded all to pay their dues.

Mike sold the 50/50 tickets: $10 and $15 were won, both by Danielle Oosterhaus. Lucky Danny!

Tanya announced the club logo license plate which Robert passed around for all to see. It's $10 a plate. A sign-up sheet was passed around for all who are interested.

Raffled off were some small items.
Auctioned off by Robert were "Coca Cola" bus and beetle matchbox toys, sold to Don for $12.

Upcoming car show: Danny needs to be where the kids are for the face painting. We will make sure she will get a spot close to where the kids are. Big Jim from the Abate Southwest Charter of Motorcycles announced they have shelters and tables and could loan them to us for the show.

No further business was put on the table. Tanya closed the meeting. 

Minutes prepared by Lore.
February 2, 2002

The board meeting on February 24th is at 3 PM.

T. N. Simon