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the Loyal Order of Volkswagen Enthusiasts
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Meeting Minutes

Minutes prepared by Lore.

Minutes of Club Meeting
Friday, December 7, 2001
at the Route 80 Restaurant, Fort Myers, FL

Regular Monthly Club Meeting was held.

Tanya, President, opened the meeting. She announced the new board members. The club is looking for a Vice President and P.R. Rep.

Lore, Secretary, reported on the old business (see last month's minutes).

Tanya then announced the upcoming Christmas Cruise on December 9, see flyer, also mentioned the dinner at the Inside Restaurant in Lehigh Acres who are very excited to have the participants in the VW cruise stop there for dinner.  As Tanya reported, their Jägerschnitzel is "hammered down" which is Volkswagenese for tenderized meat. A sign-in sheet was prepared by Tanya for all participants to sign in.

Tanya also announced the January 2002 monthly club activity which will be to the drive-in movie in North Fort Myers, near the Shell Factory. She suggested we meet at the Shell Factory and then cruise over to the drive-in movie.

Tanya presented an update on the 2002 Vee-Dub Fest, all details are listed in the flyers. Flyers were distributed at the recent Bug Jam and Bully Brigade. We need sponsors for the show. A letter will be mailed out shortly to previous and new sponsors. All members are invited to help get sponsors - call or send e-mails.

Tanya proudly announced that our website is up and running. Thanks Tanya for a great job!

The open P.R. rep. Position is an intermediary with sponsors, also contacting corporations.

Tanya prepared a new and improved member application form, they were distributed at the meeting and members requested to complete the new form and renew the membership (September - September). Since September nine new members signed up. New shirts will be made up for new members. A total of 10 folks completed the forms and paid dues.

Robert collected for the raffle tickets. $78 worth of tickets were sold, $20 and $15 went to two lucky winners. Also given away were toy VW Bus and toy VW Beetle. The following items were auctioned off:
· Box of VW Christmas ornaments - $ 10
· Handmade pillow - $5
· VW paper towel holder - $8

Our new feature "Tech Corner" was started by Mike Grant, Events Coordinator: To begin, how many air-cooled and how many water-cooled members do we have…….
Question was raised: a Karmann-Ghia convertible top ('73) is needed. Robert Simon reported that Great Western Auto Upholstery and Glass in North Fort Myers (1326 Betmar Blvd, phone 656-8288) do this kind of work. A beetle convertible will come to the cruise on Sunday to see what kind of work the shop does. Mike will be rebuilding a Golf soon (work will be done in a Naples shop), he will be happy to let members learn.

All at the meeting were helping to fold our Vee-Dub Fest flyers.

Andy Donely announced the VW Classic in California this coming June. Let him know if you want to go.

Tanya reported that we have a classified/want-ad section in the Newsletter and also on-line. Give information to Tanya to place an ad.

The members enjoyed a special performance given by Robert Simon on his magic golden violin. He played lovely Christmas songs for us and also invited all to sing along. What a lovely thing it was!

We have a new Vice President: Gerald Sichta has returned to the area and will be our new Vice President. Welcome Gerald. e-mail

No further business was put on the table. Tanya closed the meeting.

T. N. Simon