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the Loyal Order of Volkswagen Enthusiasts
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Meeting Minutes

Minutes prepared by Lore.

Regular Monthly Club Meeting was held.

Tanya, President, opened the meeting.

Lore, Secretary, reported on the old business (see last month's minutes). She reminded all that we have a license tag with the club logo and to send the sheet if interested in purchasing one. Also, we need sponsors for our upcoming car show and asked all to help.

Richard presented the financial statement:
Balance as of February 2002                            $2,251.18
8 Members signed up/renewed                        $   160.00
Auction proceeds (Coca-Cola Beetle, German license plate)            $     14.00
50/50                                        $     28.00
Expenditures (checks # 1042 - 1045)                        -$  257.86                        Total                    $2,252.32

Richard introduced our t-shirt supplier to discuss our ideas for show t-shirts.
One-color set-up $20, to print per shirt $1. Multi-color set-up $80 for show logo. Orders to be placed by May 1, 2002. Order 1 gross (144 shirts). For pre-registered show entrants, white t-shirt with a larger show logo, for sale at the show for the ladies a tank top for regular size show logo.  Order 2 dozen each of small, medium, large.

New people were introduced at the meeting:
Mark and Mindy Yongvourt from Minnesota.
Jim and Martha Prowler from Pennsylvania. They brought down their '68 beetle convertible to do some work on the car.
Bob McFadden of Port Charlotte - '73 Thing.
Dale from Minnesota, guest of Ed Wiederhold.
A hearty welcome to all!

Tanya informed of that for March's club activity, we will meet at the Shell Factory for car show held there every 2nd Saturday of the month. Let's get together as many cars as we can. $2 discount food tickets can be received.

Andy informed of show to be held at Shooters in Fort Myers on Route 41 in Fort Myers this Sunday, March 03.

Tanya reported of the Volksblast in Miami. Read more details in the Newsletter. All who attended had a good time. Partied hearty - got lost in Miami - yuck!

Tanya reported on our board meeting, which was held Sunday, February 24. We talked about a lot of stuff about what needs to be done for our upcoming car show. We really need sponsors. Andy presented a suggestion: let's got out as a group to get sponsors. Great idea Andy!

Tanya reported on upcoming events:
March 17 - Orlando Show and Shine
March 31 - Board Meeting
April 5 - Club Meeting
April 14 - Show 'n Shine in Fort Lauderdale
April 27 - Bugs on the Pier, St. Petersburg
April 28 - VWs over the Skyway, St. Petersburg

Tanya mentioned on items which are for sale, see Newsletter for details. Also for sale is '02 Beetle GLX, 5-speed, leather, 6CD, sunroof, moonroof, 44,000 miles, $14,000; if interested, contact Tanya.

Robert did our 50/50 tickets - $15 was won by Ed Wiederhold, $20 by Mark and Mindy. Happy faces!

Auctioned off by Robert were a chocolate "beetle" cake just baked by Barbara. An extra, extra large t-shirt brought in $17 (Mark bought it). A decorative plate and stand with a "red beetle and American flag" on it was auctioned off to Barbara for $7. The plate immediately was put on the top shelf in the restaurant to be enjoyed by folks.

Mike did the tech corner. This month's topic was wheels - VW kind, of course. He explained to all interested parties, the difference between the different rims, years used, number of lugs on the wheels, some have slotted rims. 5 lugs, 4 lugs, slots, hub caps. Mike explained about the different sizes, etc. He had an eager audience with lots of input from all our experts.

Hippie Don got a new assignment for the car show and without getting that done, there will be no show: porta potties - four of them.

Decision was made to order 25 license plate tags with club logo.

We received a third show entry.

Decision was made to make an appointment to visit Dave Edmonds of VW of Fort Myers as a group, present our ideas for the upcoming car show, inform him that at the auto show in Miami the dealer donated to the local car club $3,000. They were present at the show with a large banner and a multitude of cars. We will ask VW of Fort Myers to come to our show with their own display of several cars. It will be a great opportunity for the dealer to show their product and obtain future customers. Robert will make an appointment with Dave Edmonds.

The board members and Barbara all worked as a well-oiled team to put the stamps on the show flyers to be sent to clubs. It was quite a show to see all those fingers at work.

No further business was put on the table. Tanya closed the meeting. 

Minutes prepared by Lore.
March 3, 2002

1. We will contact Dave Edmonds, make an appointment with him during the week after 5PM, visit him as a group to present our ideas for the upcoming show and the involvement of VW of Fort Myers. Some things for consideration to present:
- VW Fort Myers to have their own display, vehicles, sales personnel, at the show. This will expose them to the public and bring in future customers to their dealership. It will help promote the VW.

2. Send e-mail to all 2001 show participants, thanking them for attending and inviting them to attend this year's event. Also refer to our website and attach the flyer with the e-mail. Do you want me to send this e-mail out?

3. We should remind all non-renewed members to renew. Do you want to send this out. I don't have the newest list.

T. N. Simon