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the Loyal Order of Volkswagen Enthusiasts
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Meeting Minutes

Minutes prepared by Lore.

Loyal Order of Volkswagen Enthusiasts

Minutes of Club Meeting and Board Meeting
Friday, April 5, 2002
at the Route 80 Restaurant, Fort Myers, FL

Regular Monthly Club Meeting was held.

On behalf of Tanya, President, Don, Vice President, opened the meeting.

Don welcomed all to our meeting and encouraged everyone to read the newsletter.

Lore, Secretary, reported on the old business, which is our upcoming car, show and asked all to help. Also, sponsors are needed.

Don pointed out to all that we have a lot to do for our show, which is in less than two months.

Don welcomed our guests and new members:
Dan and Connie from Texas.
Phil from Lehigh joined the club.
Chet Young, from Fort Myers, a 12-year resident. He told all that he has several VWs, and bought his first VW in 1957 - wow!
Frank Orsini from "sunny" Buffalo, just visiting.
Mark and Linda Rutt.
Rob Cran, a friend of Don's, certainly enjoyed the food.
Don thanked our guests and new members for coming to the meeting.

For April's club activity, on Saturday, April 20, 10 AM, we will meet at Sam's parking lot. We will go in groups of two to businesses soliciting sponsors.

Don reported on the following upcoming events:

April 14th - Show'n Shine, Fort Lauderdale
April 27th - Bugs on the Pier in St. Petersburg
April 28th - VWs on the Skyway Bridge in St. Petersburg

Don mentioned our website (, it is listed in our newsletter. Members can e-mail the club to put classified ads into the newsletter.

Don announced the upcoming members' birthdays - Barbara Simon will celebrate her birthday on April 22 and Lore on May 1.

Robert sold the tickets for the 50/50. When it came time to count - "where's the loot?" Hiding in Robert's pocket - nice try, Robert! Richard and George were counting, and counting, and still counting. Robert won $20 - Danny won $25, congratulations!

Mike's Tech Corner:
The Distributor was subject of lecture - most distributors fit in cases with a long shaft. On water-cooled models, it needs a different set-up. There are electronic distributors and ones with points in them, which are tripped by the rotor: when the part passes the "window", the computer counts, it adjusts the timing in the engine accordingly. Mike explained in detail how the distributor works and had a very captive audience. (This writer does not understand all the tech talk, please excuse). For 16-valve engines, there is only one model available that fits. There is a seal inside which tends to leak and causes problems. For water-cooled beetles, there's a different set-up. It is electronic and different from the air-cooled models. The model Mike presented is a very reliable part and will last a long time, he reported. He explained all the workings of the unit. Take the cap off and see if it is burnt on the inside. If it is burnt, then it's time to replace it. When opening the unit, be careful not to lose the clips. They are hard to find.

Richard presented the financial statement:
Balance as of March 2002                            $2,252.32
2 Members signed up/renewed                        $ 40.00
Auction proceeds (Sweat Shirt & Plate)                    $ 24.00
50/50                                        $ 42.00
Received 5 Car Show Entries & 2 Vendor Registrations)            $ 160.00
Expenditures (checks # 1046 - 1047)                        -$ 138.80                    Total for April                    $2,379.52

Robert attended the show in Orlando along with Mike and Tanya. Robert reported that just about everybody who had a car in the show received a trophy that made a lot of people happy. Robert thought it a pretty good idea. Robert had taken a VW Thing there to sell it, he had pre-registered it and, you guessed it, also won a trophy. A trophy is not very expensive to buy and really make folks very happy when they receive a trophy, not matter what kind of shape their "show car" is in.

Don mentioned that we have available the license plates with Club Logo for $10. All present were invited to buy one.

Don informed of the website of the Vintage Volkswagen Club of America ( They have a lot of useful and interesting things for the VW person. Our upcoming show is listed in their Events Calendar.

At present, we have 34 paid members and numerous unpaid members, last year we had 60 paid members. All delinquent members are requested to pay their dues. The club needs you!

The following items were raffled off:
2001 Vee-Dub Fest t-shirt, VW patch and German VW shopping bag.
Richard contributed leather cleaner and conditioner which were auctioned off  by our resident fast-talking auctioneer, Hippie Don, for $6.

No further business was put on the table. Dan closed the regular meeting and invited all interested parties to stay for the following board meeting. 

T. N. Simon