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the Loyal Order of Volkswagen Enthusiasts
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Meeting Minutes

Minutes prepared by Lore.

Loyal Order of Volkswagen Enthusiasts

Minutes of Club Meeting and Board Meeting
Friday, June 7, 2002
at the Route 80 Restaurant, Fort Myers, FL

Regular Monthly Club Meeting was held.

Lore, Recording Secretary, opened the meeting on behalf of Tanya, President, who was out of town.

Lore reported on the old business which is our car show held on May 26, 2002. The car show had 129 vehicle entries and 17 vendors. We had sales of t-shirts, silent auction, a 50/50 raffle. It was a fun day.

George, P.R., welcomed our new members and guests.
Jack Carruthers, Fort Myers. Jack has 5 VWs and wants to restore. He asked if anyone was interested in doing the work, split 50/50 on the sale.
Brent Wills told all he enjoyed the show. 1990 Vanagon - he said that it's easy getting obsessed with the Volkswagen thing. He had looked at the Naples newspaper, called Miromar Outlets to find out about our show.
Jim Sousa joined the club during the show. He is working on a '76 engine, sees how it goes. He has some parts already is working on repairs/restoration.

Joe who works for Robert said he got hooked on VWs, he is presently working on the Ferrari Bug. He used to be a Chevrolet fanatic - nice switch Joe. Joe is our newest club member.

Richard reported on the financials of the show. This year we did not receive a cash donation from VW of Fort Myers (in 2001 they donated $1,250 in cash). We received $1,400 sponsor donations, we had 129 entries and 17 vendors, the 50/50  (which George Brockett won) left $342 for the show proceeds, pizza sales netted $143, t-shirt sales and silent auction made $1,634. After expenses, we have about $1,753 for charity. There will be some additional expenses (postage) to be deducted. We should have about $1,700 left over.

George's thoughts were that the show went very well, especially considering the fact that we had fewer volunteers this year to help.

Question was raised: how is charity chosen? This year it was already decided to donate to Nations Association who were selected originally when the club was very local and the charity is also local. The club is open to suggestions and there will be an open selection coming up soon for all members to vote on charity to be picked. (Children's Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, Hope Hospice, etc.)

Robert said we were lacking spectators. Part of this was due to the promised, but missing, radio announcements by VW of Fort Myers. Robert explained to all what the dealership in Miami had done for the show there. We had a meeting with Volkswagen of Fort Myers when we requested their sponsorship and were informed that no money could be donated but we would get help in the form of radio commercial announcements of the show. Unfortunately, this did not materialize. There was a little bit of radio announcements done by Miromar Outlets.

In 2001 we did a lot of advertising ourselves. Radio stations as a community service announce shows. We had some coverage in NewsPress (Gulf Coasting) and Comcast.

George: For next year's show, we will start this October to line up corporate sponsorship.

Robert: We put the classes together to make it easier for the judges. This year we had all the cars on the grass, it made all attendees happier. We had lots of vendors and the vendors need spectators.

George: Sad news - our V.P., Don, cannot do it any more due to other responsibilities. So, we need a new V.P. Since the voting for new board members will be in the Fall, we might get by as is.

George reported on the upcoming events. Our club activity for June: a beach cruise and picnic. Sanibel, Boca Grande, Fort Myers Beach, June 15 or June 22. The majority voted on Fort Myers Beach - Bonita Beach on Saturday, June 22, 2002. Meet at the Route 80 Restaurant at 9 AM on 6/21, drive to Fort Myers Beach and picnic there. If it's too crowded in Fort Myers Beach, cruise through FMB onto Bonita Beach. Everybody is requested to call others to join in the fun.

George announced Robert's birthday was June 4. Dan's birthday is tomorrow (June 8). Happy Birthday!

Mike did our tech corner which turned out to be a "show'n tell": How many people have show cars? A couple of tips if you want to show a car: A lot of trophies are decided by 1 point difference. Mike judged 48 cars, most of them were lacking first aid kits. Added points are given for first aid kit and fire extinguisher. For a small amount of money you can gain a lot of points. Both items can be bought at discount stores. No matter what kind of car you show, get these items to raise your points. Another thing: if you show a late model car, the clean car wins. All these cars are new and the cleaner to car, the more points. Don't overdue the Amorall. Don't hose down the engine with Armorall. Same with the interior. Thanks Mike!

T. N. Simon