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the Loyal Order of Volkswagen Enthusiasts
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Meeting Minutes

Minutes prepared by Lore.

Loyal Order of Volkswagen Enthusiasts

Minutes of Club Meeting and Board Meeting
Friday, July 5, 2002
at the Route 80 Restaurant, Fort Myers, FL

Regular Monthly Club Meeting was held. (No board meeting was held prior to general meeting.)

Tanya, President, opened the meeting. Barbara and Robert are on vacation, therefore, pizza was ordered.

Tanya welcomed our new folks:
Al Torre, 68 bug
Brent Wills, 90 Vanagon
Mike Childress from Georgia, 67 bus. Mike runs a parts store.

Lore reported on the old business which concerned the proceeds and expenses of our car how.

Tanya announced that for next year's show we will approach VW of Naples as a sponsor.
Question was raised from the floor: "Why are we locked into Miromar?" We are not locked into Miromar. We will check into other sites for next year. More comments where "Miromar is out of the way", "not convenient at all", "show was too long". Suggestions are requested for a different location. Suggestions made were:
- Lakes Park
- Jaycee Park

Tanya: we have to think about next year. Who should be on the board. We need a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, P. R. person. We will have nominations during next meeting.

Tanya announced Richard's birthday will be July 11.

Since our club picnic was rained out, a new date was set for July 21 at Lover's State Park. (463-4588). We will meet at Sam's parking lot @ 10 AM, next to Prime Video store.

Andy distributed flyers on a Volkswagen Gathering for July 13, 2002 in Cape Coral (Wal-Mart) 7:30 PM.

Richard was delayed at work and arrived after meeting was closed.

Meeting was adjourned.

Minutes prepared by Lore.
July 6, 2002

T. N. Simon